Kitz Butterfly Valves Distributor in Mumbai

Concorde Valve and Automation is a Family running Business in Mumbai. We have been dealing in Kitz valve Distribution from a long time. There are many types of valves Manufactured. Like Butterfly Kitz Valve, Kitz Ball Valve, Kitz Knife Gate Valve and many more.

Butterfly Valves.
We have three operational types of butterfly valve, which are manufactured from different materials. They Operate in somewhat same as the ball valve, in butterfly valve the valve operates in a way such a way that.

When the Butterfly Valve is in a closed position it is in the perpendicular position to the direction of the flow of material. Which restricts the passage or the flow of material through the valve. And thus the valve is in the closed or OFF position. To operate the valve and to the open or letting the flow of material through the valve is in ON position. The Butterfly Valve is in the Parallel direction to the flow of the material. In this Operation, there is no pneumatic or electricity pressure applied for the movement of the valve. Every motion of the valve from the ON-OFF position is done from the Manual pressure by a Human.

Pneumatic Operated Butterfly Valve
The operation of the Pneumatic Butterfly Valve is same as that of the manual Butterfly valve. But, the only difference is that, in Pneumatic operation, we apply pressurized air for the operation or the movement of the valve for opening and closing of the valve. Using a Pneumatic Actuator for the motion which is the mechanical part used for the motion of the valve.

Electrical Butterfly Valve operation
The working of the Pneumatic or Electrical Butterfly Valve is the same, the only difference is the source of energy used for the movement. It is operated on Electrical type which uses the motor for its operational ON-OFF condition which is supplied with electricity for its operational purpose.

The valve which we as Kitz valve Distributors or Concorde Valve and Automation provide are top rated and top quality valve in the industries for the uses. For more information Contact us at the below details.

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